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Book review: Barefoot on the Beach by Katlyn Duncan

Barefoot on the Beach by Katlyn Duncan

Renee Clarke is perfectly happy just the way she is…

Renee may be thrilled to be planning her sister’s wedding, but after witnessing her mother’s two failed marriages, she has always vowed that she is better off on her own.

But when Renee discovers that Luc Hardy has moved next door, her world is knocked off kilter. Luc was her whirlwind summer romance as a teen and, more importantly, her first love. Now he’s back in West Cove, looking more handsome than ever.

There is no escaping the romance in the air this summer. With the wedding planning in full swing, Renee begins to believe that she might be able to put her childhood reservations about marriage aside.
Yet when her mother arrives, she stirs a torrent of emotions in Renee’s heart. She’s up to her old tricks again – boasting about her latest conquests – reaffirming Renee’s lack of faith in love.
As Renee’s happily-ever-after hangs in the balance, will Luc be able to convince her that true love can last forever?

My thoughts... 

Some stories pull you head first into the action in a breath taking minute, while others simmer gently under the surface to slowly bring the excitement to the surface in a glorious fashion. Which is exactly what I received when I dived into this delightful book. Family and relationships were the beating heart of this narration and it was a joy to get to know Renee and her intricately layered life.

From the opening moments it was extremely clear that Renee was a controlled and organised character who put the needs of everyone else above her own. At times it was difficult to see how easily she was taken for granted by certain members of the family but there's always another side to every situation. Renee was a complex creation and I'm still not 100% sure I fully took to her, but that did not stand in the way of my enjoyment of the book in any way, shape or form, as I don't believe that you have to love every leading lady in order to enjoy the essence of a story. 

For me the best part of the story was the dynamics between characters. Renee and her sister Cait had many golden moments along the wedding planning journey which added some light relief to the story. But for me the golden couple creation had to be Luc and Renee. I would have liked a stronger emphasis on the romance over the dysfunctional family in this story, as the blurb strongly sold the romantic dream. But what we were treated to between this pair gave me all the feels I wanted....but being a sucker for all things swoon worthy, I wanted more. 

All in all, Barefoot on the Beach is a true and heartfelt look into life and love in all its ugly glory. This is definitely one for the summer tbr piles for sure. 

Thank you so much to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for including me in this gorgeous blog tour. 

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About the author... 

Coming from a small town in Western Massachusetts, Katlyn Duncan always had her head in the clouds. Working as a scientist for most of her adult life, she enjoyed breaking down the hows and whys of life. This translated into her love of stories and getting into the minds of her characters. Currently, she’s a full-time author and freelance writer. When she’s not writing, she’s obsessing over many (many) television series’. She currently resides in Southern New England with her family. Check out more about her writing and current TV addiction in her newsletter, and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! SCBWI & RWA Member. http://www.katlynduncan.com

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