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Book review: The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan

The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan

One little lie just became deadly…
Perfect mother. Perfect wife. Jane Goodwin has spent years building her picture-perfect life in the quiet town of Ashdon.
So when the girl next door, sixteen-year-old Clare Edwards, is found murdered, Jane knows she must first protect her family.
Every marriage has a few white lies and hers is no exception. Jane’s worked hard to cover up her dark secret from all those years ago – and she’ll do anything to keep it hidden…

My review...

When a book grabs your attention and pulls you into the gripping framework of the story from the outset you know you're in for an exciting ride. Boy did this book deliver on all fronts.....a challenging plot that changed directions more times that I could keep up with. Characters so deceiving you had to lay blame at each door in turn, never quite knowing if your amateur detective skills were paying off and an atmosphere so tense I even started to wonder if I had committed the crime.

Phoebe Morgan certainly knows how to bend and shape a compelling story that leaves you breathless in anticipation. I was fascinated, reading in a manic frenzy as the clues and theories were peeled away layer by layer to slowly reach that all consuming reveal. The characters were moulded into believable beings with secrets and histories to hide away from which lent itself to the stifling atmosphere that lurked around this book as a whole.

The Girl Next Door is a riveting read that is not to be missed. A true success in every way that deserves all the praise it can get. If you do not have a copy of this book yet then what are you waiting for? Grab your nearest copy today and dive right in, you won't be disappointed.

Read and reviewed with kind permission by HQ Digital.

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About the author...

Phoebe Morgan is an author and senior commissioning editor. She studied English at Leeds University after growing up in the Suffolk countryside. She has previously worked as a journalist and now edits crime and women's fiction for a publishing house during the day, and writes her own books in the evenings. She lives in London and you can follow her on Twitter @Phoebe_A_Morgan, or find her blog about publishing and writing at The Doll House is her debut novel. It became a #1 iBooks bestseller and spent over 8 weeks in the Kindle top 100. Her second book, The Girl Next Door, will be out on 21st February 2019 in paperback, ebook and audio, and a third will follow in 2020.

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