Monday, 22 April 2019

Book review: The Stars in the Night by Clare Rhoden

About the book...

Harry Fletcher is a confident young man.
Harry’s sure that he will marry Nora MacTierney, no matter what their families say. He’s certain that he will always be there to protect Eddie, the boy his father saved from the gutters of Port Adelaide.
Only the War to End All Wars might get in the way of Harry’s plans…
From the beaches of Semaphore to the shores of Gallipoli, the mud of Flanders to the red dust of inland South Australia, this is a story of love, brotherhood, and resilience.

My thoughts...

This is a beautiful heartfelt story that tells of love and hope amidst the backdrop of World War I. The horrors and tremors of war rage through this narrative but love shines brightly in many ways and forms. I was enraptured by this emotionally driven plot and felt it balanced the tragedy of war with the hopeful declaration's of love winding their way across the globe to their beloved recipients in perfect harmony.

The brotherly relationship between Harry and Eddie was an absolute triumph.....I fell in love with their bond and found their journey heartbreaking and beautiful. They really were the heartbeat of this story. The character creations as a whole were done with the utmost respect and honour for the subject matter and I found myself drawn into a world filled with love and devotion as the ravages of war played on.

What I found poignant was the diary entries and letters that weaved their way seamlessly through the narrative like a breath of hope in a war torn environment to give the story an element of peace and light. As a whole this was a heartbreaking depiction of a world at war that left me searching for the tissues.....this story will certainly stay with me for many years to come.

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About the author...

Clare Rhoden completed her PhD in Australian WWI literature at the University of Melbourne in 2011, and a Masters of Creative Writing in 2008, in which she investigated the history of her grandparents who emigrated for Europe to Port Adelaide in January 1914. The Stars in the Night is the result of her research. Clare also writes sci-fi and fantasy. She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Bill, their super-intelligent poodle-cross Aeryn, a huge and charming parliament of visiting magpies, and a very demanding/addictive garden space.

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  1. Thanks Stacy, I am so glad you liked Harry and Eddie :-)