Friday, 10 May 2019

Book review: The Amazing Adventures of Wobblin’ Wobin by Tony Rocca

The Amazing Adventures of Wobblin’ Wobin by Tony Rocca 

About the book...

Meet Robin, or rather, Wobin: a metal garden ornament transported from England to the beautiful French Riviera. He's lonely and can't speak French. Neither can he fly, which is a bit unfortunate for a bird. This is his story about learning to fly and being brave.

My thoughts...

This story captured my imagination from the opening page and I was hooked until the concluding paragraph. What a fantastic story.....full of fast paced excitement with historical and geographical elements slipped in for good measure.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Wobin, our little adventurer, and boy did we go on some travels. The writing was warm and welcoming and the narrative flew by at such an exciting pace in order to capture and retain the attention of any mini reader out there.

Wobin was such an endearing character who faced many challenges in his little life, this opened the story up to several valid topics that are relevant for children.....things like acceptance for who you are, disabilities and bravery against the odds to name but a few. These important messages were embedded into the story in a seamless manner and flowed freely throughout the narrative to blend perfectly with the story.

The Amazing Adventures of Wobblin' Wobin is a fast paced and fun story that left me smiling. This sweet tale is filled with heart and soul and delivers many important messages for our young readers out there as well as providing oodles of historical and geographical tid bits to excite and inspire their minds. 

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About the author...

Tony Rocca’s writing career has spanned 30-plus years as a London journalist, notably with the Daily Mail and Sunday Times, during which time he has been a reporter, sub-editor, foreign correspondent and features editor. He has written five books and is widely travelled, having once owned a vineyard in Tuscany that brought him success as an accidental winemaker. He tells the story amusingly in his first book, Catching Fireflies (‘A welcome change in a climate of clichés’ – International Herald Tribune). A second book, Memories of Eden, concerned the Jewish community of Iraq and was equally well received. His first novel, You Send Me, followed. This new book for children, set on the French Riviera where he now lives, is a further example of his versatility as a writer.   

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