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Book review: Mine by Emily Merrill

Mine by Emily Merrill 

Avery and Luke are solid. The love they have is the envy of her friends. So when he joins her at university, she's pretty sure that life can't get much better. But something is changing and when Avery makes a new friend in the brilliant writer Beckett, she starts to see a new side to the man she loves. A side that scares her. As their relationship begins to spiral, she's faced with a life-changing decision. Should she fight for her boyfriend? Or should she fight for herself?

My thoughts... 

For a debut book this was certainly an exceptionally well put together piece. The writing was raw, powerful and at times rather uncomfortable with the brutal honest themes it touched upon.

What I admired most about this book was that it wasn't afraid to dive into the darker side of life and love. These brave choices were heartfelt, distressing and exposing of manipulative and abusive behaviour. I was on the edge of my seat reading some of these scenes and it brought out feelings of pure unease which I can only put down to the talented writing skills of Emily Merrill . 

Avery is a fantastic character who, on introduction, has already been through many challenges in her young life. This narrative spirals out a roller-coaster ride of control and out right violence from someone who is meant to love and keep her safe. The inner mental torment and struggle we witness is difficult to digest but it's storyline that need to be portrayed and this one is exceptional. I was fully invested in this book from page one and feel it's something to be applauded. 

Mine is a raw and powerful look at the darker side of love. It's a story that is very much needed, for our younger readers out there, to raise awareness of manipulation and abuse. I for one can't wait to see what Emily Merrill brings to the table next. 

Read and reviewed with kind permission by Bookollective and Salad Pages. 

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About the Author... 

Emily started her debut novel, Mine, when she was eighteen years old. Emily is a gifted and whole-hearted writer. She grew up in a coastal village near Liverpool, and recently graduated with a degree in Geography from The University of Leeds. At uni, Emily was a regular writer for the prestigious student newspaper The Gryphon. Emily is a passionate reader, book reviewer and vlogger. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @alittlewriterem. Emily now lives in York with her best friend, pursuing her dream career as a writer. She can most likely be found in a cafe with a great book and a hot chocolate!

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